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1. Item: Keycaps
2. Material: PBT
3. Color: Black and Red
4. Amount: 104 caps
5. Height: OEM


1. PBT texture, grainy obvious and not easy to shine as ABS keycaps.
2. Using laser carving technology, not easy to wear, and this keycaps with a side printed design.
3. OEM profile, most of the mechanical keyboard keycaps on the market are OEM profile.
4. Compatible with FILCO 104key, iKBC F104, G104,C104 series, Varmilo, Ducky, Rapoo V500/L/RGB, Cherry MX6.0 MX8.0, SteelSeries M260 M500, KEYCOOL, GANSS, NOPPOO, RK etc.
5. Keycaps only, please notice that keyboard is not included.

Package Included:

1 * 104 Key PBT OEM Profile Thick Side Printed Keycaps for Cherry MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard 

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